Holiday Vacations with a Theme

Themed holiday vacations are a fun idea to plan for your family. One of our most memorable vacations was our “Cowboy and Indian” vacation.

Of course, the first one should be the Disney themed holiday vacation and getting top disneyland packages 2016 is a good idea. Who can resist the thought of being in Florida during the cold days of winter and enjoying the sights and sounds of Disney World? This is a constant favorite of adults and children alike. There are so many attractions and sites; it will be hard to decide which one to visit. You have the Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, Universal Studios, MGM studios and Disney even has its own cruise line. The cruise liner has all the Disney characters on board so it will be a themed vacation. Disney World is not the only attraction in the area; the Kennedy Space Center is nearby as is Sea World. Sea World is a wonderful attraction with special shows. Inside Disney World, you can stay in a hotel that has a monorail train to take you to all the attractions.

Are you thinking of a winter holiday vacation in sunny Southern California? If you’re looking for theme parks, go north just up the road to the Anaheim and Los Angeles area. There you will find Disneyland, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Universal Studio, and California Adventure Theme Park.

One of the best themed family vacations we had was our historical trip to the East Coast. We wanted our sons to be immersed in the colorful history of our Country. We had some fun times, stopping in Hershey Pennsylvania. We visited Hershey Town and stood amazed at the light poles in the shape of candy kisses. We visited historic sites in Virginia, visited George Washington’s home, and sat on the same veranda he sat on to watch the river go by. It was awesome, and in Virginia, southern hospitality shines through. It’s a pleasure to visit there. Then on to our most important goal, Washington D.C. We took the time to picnic on the mall, went up the Washington Monument, visited all the Presidential Memorials, and even took a tour of the White House. Being a history buff and patriotic, the highlight of my son’s trip was our visit to the sacred land of Arlington Cemetery. It is fitting that he grew up and is serving in the military. The Smithsonian is an experience that no one should miss. There are so many different buildings and sections in the buildings that it is hard to take it all in. We spent one whole day in just one building and then found out we had missed the hall of the First Ladies. This was something I was interested in, so we went back the next day and found the section that we missed before we went on to other areas. It’s a memorable family vacation and can instill in your child a real love and patriotism for their country.

National Parks and Monuments is another wonderful themed vacation the whole family will enjoy. Believe me, your children don’t have to teenagers to enjoy their themed vacations and have their memories to last for a lifetime.

Themed holiday vacations are a fun idea to plan for your family. Of course, the first one should be the Disney themed holiday vacation. The cruise liner has all the Disney characters on board so it will be a themed vacation. One of the best themed family vacations we had was our historical trip to the East Coast. National Parks and Monuments is another wonderful themed vacation the whole family will enjoy.

Go To Bogota Right Now

If Colombia is the place where you’re going sometime soon, you should definitely check out its capital city which is Bogota because you’d really be able to have some fun and bring home some things that are worth keeping when you’d visit the place. Basically, in Bogota, there are numerous tourist destinations that you could try. There are those for history lovers and those who love modern-day attractions. Even if you’re someone who’s into foods, you should still go ahead and visit the city mainly because it has districts which offer authentic Colombian delicacies and also popular food items in the world that have been modified to have a rich Colombian taste. To take advantage of your time and the financial resources that you’re willing to spend on having a vacation, you should go to Bogota in Colombia right now. On the other hand, before you go there, you have to make preparations. That’s so you would be able to have a trip that’s smooth and free of problems. If you want to know how you could get in and around the city mentioned, you should read on.

Prior to travelling to Bogota, it would be best for you to learn how to speak the Spanish language. That’s so you could communicate freely with the residents of the city and so that you could transact business easier when you’d purchase stuff. For you to speak Spanish well, you may purchase a book that could teach you how to speak well. However, for practicality, you should just study a formal Spanish course that would not only let you learn how to speak the language but also read and write Spanish text. Plus, during a Spanish language course, you’d also be taught how to speak with an accent. Of course, aside from being able to speak what Colombians use to communicate, you should also look for what to do in bogota city in advance. Prior to visiting the country of Colombia and literally going to the city of Bogota, it is important that you already have a guide that you could follow. Take note that traveling is time-consuming and would require you to spend money paying for fares. For you to reach different places without wasting time, you have to plan the routes that you’re going to take. If you want to, you could visit most of the historical sites in one district and do some shopping in the next one so that you won’t overwhelm yourself or put yourself at risk of being lost. Before going to the city, it would be wise for you to reserve rooms too. That’s so you would be accommodated when you’d arrive.

For you to enter the country of Colombia so that you could get to its capital city, you should purchase a plane ticket or take the bus. On the other hand, to really gain entrance to the place, you may have to obtain a visa document for yourself and a passport because the Colombian government makes sure that only citizens get to stay in the country for good.

Places in Iceland that You Will Definitely Not Want to Miss

When it comes to travel destinations, it usually the attractions in a given area that determines how great of a place it is to travel to. When it comes to tourist attractions, Iceland is one country that has a lot to offer travelers so if you are planning for your next travel trip and you still have not decided where you will be going to, then Iceland is a country that should be included in your short list. If you are looking for ideas or information about the country or maybe want to visit top Iceland tourist attractions then below is a list of places and sights in Iceland that you will definitely not want to miss.

When it comes to tourist attractions in Iceland, probably the one that will top the list is Blue Lagoon. This is a manmade lake or large pool of sorts that, from afar, is definitely amazing to look at. The Blue Lagoon, as the name goes, has great looking blue waters that will surely look amazing when you get to see the place from afar. It is not surprising at all then why this place is one of the most photographed areas in Iceland.

However, it is not just the look of the Blue Lagoon that makes it amazing as the water of the Lagoon itself is what keeps people going back to the place, but is actually the feeling that it gives to people who bathe in its blue waters. This is because the Blue Lagoon has warm waters that are temperature regulated by the adjacent geothermal plant. This gives the Blue Lagoon water a truly relaxing and soothing effect to the body, making it a great spot in Iceland to go to if you want to truly experience a truly stress relieving experience.

Another spot in Iceland that you will surely want to visit is Geysir. If the name comes off as familiar, then it should be. This is because Geysir is the place where the name geyser actually comes from. Geysir is also an iconic geyser as it is the first ever geyser to be recorded in print medium. It is also considered to be the first one that the people in Europe have discovered. Aside from the history that Geysir has, it also is an awesome sight to behold as it can spew boiling water up to 70 feet in the air so you will want to keep a safe distance from the geyser itself when you visit.

Iceland is also known for its amazing waterfalls and that one of the best waterfalls that you can see in Iceland is Dettifoss. It is considered to be one of the biggest and most powerful in Iceland so it is definitely a natural wonder of the country that you will surely not want to miss.

These are some of the many places that you can visit in Iceland so it will definitely be a travel destination that will not disappoint you and should provide you with experiences that you will never forget.

5 Amazing Places To Visit In Sicily

There are lots of places in Sicily that are worth visiting. The many tourists spots help show their culture and history. Once you arrive in Sicily, the first thing that you should do is to settle in your choice of luxury hotel in sicily. There are lots to choose from and the prices may vary as well. After leaving your bags and taking some rest, you are now ready to go out and explore this magnificent place. There are a few places you shouldn’t miss and they include the ones below:

• Monreale – Located in the city of Palermo, this small town is a place that you must visit. The city of Palermo is found on top of a hill and it has a great view of the valley filled with almond, olive and orange trees. One must see when in the city is the Cathedral of Monreal. It embodies what the Norman architecture is all about. From the outside, the cathedral may seem ordinary but when you go inside, you will see a breathtaking sight. There are Italian cloisters that are very detailed and walls that are covered with mosaics. You can see every corner of the interior of the cathedral as filled with wonderful mosaic images.

• Doric Temple In Segesta – Segesta can be found in the northwestern part of Sicily and it is one of the major cities of the indigents in Sicily. You can find the Doric Temple can be found outside the ancient site but the people there see to it that it is well preserved. Some say that the temple isn’t still finished because of the absence of a roof. The temple is located on top of a hill. It is such a wonderful sight and from the temple you can also have a great view of the sea.

• Syracuse – Some people might know this place more as Siracusa. During the ancient times, this city was one of the most important cities and it was also mentioned in the bible. This city is also the home of many different legends and myths. In this city, you can find a lot of churches and historical temples. It is also filled with various archeological sites that have been there since 1270 B. C.

• Erice – Erice is the town that can be found on Mount Erice. It overlooks the beautiful city of Trapani and has some of the most spectacular views. You can reach the town through cable cars if you are coming from Trapani. The great thing about this place is the temperature is a bit lower and it is a perfect get away from the hot summer sun. In this city is where you will find medieval castles.

• Villa Romana del Casale – In the Southern central part of Sicily, you will find the Villa Romana del Casale. It is a Roman villa that is famous for ancient mosaics. It has several main rooms and each of them has a themed mosaic floor. The most famous of which is the mosaic that shows the Olympic games where women were seen to be wearing bikinis.


Camping is one of the fun activities that are enjoyed by many people as it not only affords you an adventure but it also allows you the freedom to see many sights you may not otherwise have gotten to see. Most people will opt to camp in National Parks when it is permitted and although most countries have at least some National Parks, the United States is blessed with many and often, like Big Bend National Park holidays, plenty of camping experiences are catered to. Some people are put off with camping but often this is only because of the thought of having to use a bathroom in the bush, if they can get over that, even they will enjoy a good camping holiday. Although today there is all manner of equipment available to make your camping easier, some basic skills are still required, like how to make a campfire that will be both effective and safe.

When camping, one of the most important things to know is how to make a campfire as it will be that campfire on which you will cook your food and the campfire will be your source of heat on cold nights and it can also act as a deterrent to any unwanted wildlife. Although a nice big campfire is nice and is often very inviting, care should be taken to ensure that the fire cannot get out of hand, expanding to include the local brush around the camp site. For this reason, when selecting a site for your fire, you should ensure that there is an area of 10 to 14 feet around the fire site, which is clear of branches, brush and anything else that may inadvertently catch fire, causing a brush fire that could get out of control. Once you have decided on the site for your fire and have cleared it appropriately, you will want to gather the makings for that fire and the makings will include tinder. Tinder is the name given to small dry twigs which can be used to first start the fire. When collecting this tinder ensure that it is dry and none of it is thicker than your little finger. Hopefully you will have remembered matches to light the tinder and once the tinder is burning, it should set fire to the kindling.

Kindling is the term given to small branches which have a width somewhere between the size of your thumb and your wrist. Kindling is small enough to catch fire from the burning tinder but large enough to keep burning long enough for your fuel, logs, to start to burn. When setting up the fire, most people will use a set up that forms a tepee like formation with the kindling and place the tinder inside that tepee. As the kindling starts to burn, logs can start to be placed around the structure, slowly building the amount up until you have a real blazing campfire, capable of cooking what you want to eat and providing heat for the campsite.

Are You Looking for the Top Traveling Blog Today?

Traveling is without a doubt one of the best activities that an individual can do today. When traveling to different places that a person has never gone to before; the traveling individual will be able to have new and exciting experiences that will surely be memorable and that the traveling experience can also be a unique and highly informative learning experience as well.

Now it is possible that you have been doing a lot of traveling in your home country and this definitely is a great way to spend your time. However, traveling to different parts of the world is something that you will want to try out. With this kind of travel, not only will you be able to experience an environment as well as sights and sounds that are drastically different to what you are used to in your home country, but you will also be able to experience the potentially drastically different culture that the people in the country that you are visiting have which should make your travel experience very different and very unforgettable and will surely give you a lot of fun and amazing stories to tell your friends about.

While traveling to other countries is definitely an exciting and potentially unforgettable experience, the reality that you will have to face is that traveling to other countries can be much more complicated that traveling to cities or places within your own country. One of the problems that can complicate matters is cost, as transportation and accommodations to go to and stay in other parts of the world can be significantly more expensive than what you will need to pay for when traveling in your home country. Also, there is the issue of you not being familiar with the culture of the country that you will be going to and that there also may be a language barrier that can hinder your ability to effectively communicate with the people in the place that you will be going to.

What you will want to do then is that you will want to do an extensive amount of research on the places that you can potentially travel to and while there are a lot of sources of information that you can go to in your research; travel blogs are the prime sources of information that you will want to refer to.

What’s great about travel blogs is that they are some sort of a journal of the actual travel experiences that the travel blogger has. This means that the tips are definitely applicable to your own travels and that it is possible that you will be able to know the proper context of the tips that you will be able to learn like in the case of cultures with restrictions to the way that an individual dresses or reacts or to the food that will be eaten.

If you are looking for a top traveling blog to use as basis for your travels then is the blog to visit as the author travels on a very frequent basis and updates the blog with write ups, tips and guides that you will definitely find to be very useful.

Plan For Your Vacation Wisely

Instead of just leaving instantly when you feel like going elsewhere from home, you should plan your trip first. That’s because going to a vacation spot means spending money. If you don’t want to end up spending more than what you could afford or if you wish to make the most out of your time and financial resources, you should plan your vacation first. That’s because you could save a lot when you make reservations early and plan out your route ahead of time. Also, you could avoid competing against other tourists who are going on vacation when you take a trip during the times when there would not be a lot of folks who would be visiting where you’re going. Moreover, even if you could purchase goods elsewhere, do take note that sometimes materials are sold at an expensive rate to people who are considered by locals to be foreigners. With these things, you should consider making arrangements before you travel somewhere. For some of the planning tips that you should really bear in mind, please read on.

Of course, for you and your family or friends to really enjoy your trip, you should go to a destination where the majority of those who would be coming with you would agree to go to. Don’t just decide on your own for everyone. As much as possible, you should consult with every individual who would be travelling so that you would not have any conflicts with those whom you’re going to travel with. Aside from deciding what places to visit, you should also plan where you’re going to reside in and the activities that you’re going to do. Meet up with your family, friends or both if you’re going with a lot of people so that you could discuss where you’re going to spend the night in once you arrive at your chosen destination and also what you’re going to do after you’ve settled to your chosen spot. You should inform everyone who’s coming with you about the benefits of planning and making payments for certain fees early by telling them that they could save a lot of money and have guaranteed reservations when they make decisions and also pay for things in advance. If you could, you should make arrangements months before your planned trip. That’s because you might be compelled to pay for a huge sum of money when you’ll decide to travel days from when you decided to go on a trip.

Of the many places where you could go to, you could try going to beaches like the ones in Jersey Shore. That’s because exposing yourself to the warmth of the sun and the sand can be highly beneficial to your health. Also, you could get free tan when you do sunbathing too. But, if you’re not comfortable with having intense heat and simply wish to enjoy visiting places that could let you get in touch with nature, you may want to go to forested areas or remote locations where you could go hiking. After you’ve chosen where to visit, you should buy plane or bus tickets, pay for hotel accommodations, and also find a tour guide that could direct you during your trip.

Other Fantastic Things to See in Borneo

A lot of travel magazines and aficionados give the highest commendation to fantastic things to see in Borneo. The stunning island houses some of the most internationally acclaimed landmarks that garnered the attention of the world. Tourists plan to discover for themselves the places of interest in the island that are subjects of raves and frenzy among travel buffs. Discover fantastic things to see in Borneo and prove why these spots are no doubt the most talked about not just in Southeast Asia but the world.

Fantastic Things to See in Borneo
Exploring Borneo adds to your treasure of memorable places in this beautiful part of the world. Locals and tourists alike commend the panoramic views in the island from lush and green rainforests to crystal clear blue beaches. Here are more fantastic things to see in Borneo no matter what getaway activities you wish to enjoy:

Pulau Gaya
The offshore island of Kota Kinabalu covers a relatively untouched rainforest. The expansive area is a sanctuary to water villages of Filipino, Bajau, and Ubian immigrants. The shallow waters show colorful reefs but are quite few in number making the area an ideal spot for diving. As one of the fantastic things to see in Borneo, Pulau Gaya is also a perfect haven for underwater photographers and rare aquatic creatures like mandarin fish and ghost pipefish.

Crocker Range National Park
This colossal site is one of the fantastic things to see in Borneo that presents a forested encampment overlooking the serene coastal area. It is one of the best places and ideal spots for people who want to trek far from the crowds. The park does not have any facilities but a magnificent venue for hiking and sightseeing thanks to its expansive landscape.

Bako National Park
The National Park demands a few days to fully explore the sprawling venue nestled on the jagged peninsula near the South China Sea. The park is home to the longhouses of Bidayuh located near the remote borders of Kalimantan and the Sematan coastal village. Explore fantastic things to see in Borneo particularly the Bako National Park that’s bursting with wildlife and jungle trails.

Apokayan Highlands
The spot is considered the largest forest area not just in Borneo but the whole of Southeast Asia. Apokayan Highlands is listed as one of the fantastic things to see in Borneo located within the multimillion hectares of Kayan Mentarang National Park. The highland’s backdrop includes the wildest white water rapids of Kalimantan.

Sangalaki Archipelago
Known as a world-renowned diving destination, this island is definitely one of the fantastic things to see in Borneo. It nurtures the treasures of nature from mantas, green turtles, rays, and sea horses. Nearby inhabited islands include Pulau Derawan which is home to various Bajau clans.

Borneo is overflowing with picturesque landmarks and sites that reflect the glorious beauty of nature. Discover fantastic things to see in Borneo today and you’ll collect a lifetime of memories in the midst of nature and all its grandeur.

You Can Travel Alone

If you wish to wish to go on a trip independently then you could do so. Basically, traveling solo is now possible because of the many conveniences and techniques when it comes to traveling. From ancient times up to now, people have been traveling from place to place without anyone to accompany them. But, even though it’s possible for anyone to visit place by himself, do take note that there some things that every traveler or tourist should be aware of. For one, before one visits any travel destination, he or she must be prepared first. Aside from that, a person really has to have money before he or she leaves. That’s because an individual could only purchase things and avail of the services of people when he or she has money to spend. Whether you’re a backpacker, an average tourist or a person who’s on a business trip and you wish to be alone when you travel, you should know how to travel safety and how to organize your trip in advance.

For your safety and convenience later on, you should evaluate the condition of the place where you’re planning to go first. If you think that your life would be at risk when you go to a certain place then you should just skip it and choose another destination for yourself. As much as possible, when you travel, you should choose a location where you could have peace of mind, entertainment and safety. You only live once so you should be wise where you go to. To examine a place, you should research about the culture and the language of the locals of its people. That’s so you could blend in with foreigners later on and even build positive relations with them. Also, when you know how to speak a foreign dialect, you could start conversations, hear what people are talking about and ask for help easily. If you’re going to traveling without anyone to accompany you then you should definitely take this into consideration for your own good.

Since you won’t have anyone to rely on when you travel independently, you should carry enough supplies for yourself so that you could survive wherever you’d be until you’d get home again. If you’re going somewhere that doesn’t have any retail shops that are available then you should bring some canned goods. When bringing foods, never carry perishables and those that could be damaged easily since you have to avoid food poisoning at all cost. Aside from food, you should also have some upper and lower garments with you. Still, there are some other supplies that you might want to consider as well, like a first aid kit and a medication box.

Wherever you’d go, you should always have a cellular phone, tablet device or any machine that could receive signals from a global positioning satellite. Since you may need to get assistance when you’re away somewhere, you have to have machines that could be used to communicate with people. But, since electronic devices may fail you when there’s no power, you should just bring maps that could give you directions instead.